We offer an approach that positions us between the client and external stakeholders (professional firms, government agencies, entrepreneurs, etc.) in order to ensure that the program and the needs of the project are respected, particularly in terms of norms, standards and best practices.

We offer an approach to support the client in their needs with a view to making them independent. Our goal is to help our customers grow by transferring as much knowledge as possible so that they do not depend on us, by establishing a partnership where we will always be there to serve.

Project management airport environment

  • Participate in
    • Collect requirements (Functional and Technical Program)
    • Concepts of operations (ConOPS)
    • Project and process management including BIM
    • Meetings
    • Plans and site instructions reviews
    • Site visits
    • Preconceptual and conceptual reviews
  • Validate schedules, estimations, costs and scope (site instructions, systems, materials)
  • Decision making
  • Document review :
    • Call for tenders
    • Contracts
    • BIM (BPM et BEP)
  • Site inspection
  • Systems assessments / audits
  • Design reviews
  • Defining call for tenders strategies
  • Selection process for professionals / construction manager / contractors
  • Monitoring of professional firms (contract, plans and specifications, directives, fees, work supervision)
  • Monitoring of contractors (contract, execution of works, negotiation)
  • Risk management
  • Custom training
  • Mentoring
  • Definition of standards and performance indicators (KPI)
  • Assist in commissioning process (ORAT – Operational Readiness And Transition):
    • Who should attend
    • Required training
    • Checklists
    • Test plan