Our specialized IT, construction and airport services can be offered in different ways.

Remote consulting


You have a problem or situation that needs to be resolved ?

You need expert consultation for a short time to get your organization in the right direction?

We can schedule a telephone consultation or by videoconference. Many clients have benefited from this assistance.

Short-term consultation


Sometimes for a day, sometimes for a few days or weeks, depending on your needs.

In order to establish the strategy, we meet and discuss the objectives and we plan. The goal is to set up a strategy to meet the needs of your company or your project.

If more time and effort are required, we also offer a long-term commitment.

Long-term partnership


Do you need help for a longer term ?

We can help you in different ways to greatly increase your chances of success in your project. The flexibility allows for a mix of remote and on-site project management. No project is too short or too long to be considered.

We advocate long-term relationships with our partners and will always be available to help and direct you to the right resources if we don’t have the time or all the specific skills.