Our approach


We offer an approach that positions us between the client and external stakeholders (professional firms, government agencies, entrepreneurs, etc.) in order to ensure that the program and the needs of the project are respected, particularly in terms of norms, standards and best practices.

We offer an approach to support the client in their needs with a view to making them independent. Our goal is to help our customers grow by transferring as much knowledge as possible so that they do not depend on us, by establishing a partnership where we will always be there to serve.

Our experience


With diverse experience in computer systems and networks architecture, IT infrastructures, process management and construction projects in demanding environments operating 24/7/365. Over 15 years of experience in airport environments, we know the requirements and constraints to help you carry out your projects.



Assist companies in their project management challenges by proposing tailor-made solutions integrating the best practices of project management. With our airport expertise, we want to assist airport authorities in the conduct of their projects to increase their efficiency and effectiveness with our customer approach.

Project management is our passion and we know that it’s not plain black and white, and that each environment or company has its own constraints or particularities.

We keep abreast of everything that is done in project management, methodologies, knowledge-based approaches, tools and everything related to project management. We can offer personalized action plans to increase your project management maturity, whether you are just getting started or are in development.

PMI, agile, waterfall, BIM, PRINCE2, scrum, Kanban, Kaizen, are all ingredients that we eat for lunch, dinner and our last snack before going to bed.



At Köbou, our vision is to participate in project management exposure and aim that more projects are successful. We believe more effort should be put into planning and we want to raise awareness in the community.

We strive to become a key player in the development of Quebec airports.



Our values which guide our daily interventions
aiming that all stakeholders interacting with us: customers, suppliers, employees, all other stakeholders, come out on top.

Professional ethics

(Integrity, rigor, and respect)

Act professionally with integrity and thoroughness by acting responsibly while treating others with respect. We act to uphold the highest ethical standards in order to make the best possible decisions regarding people, resources and the environment.

Establish long-term relationships


Show courage and confidence to communicate openly and frankly with others. Have a win-win attitude to build long-term relationships of trust.

Thirst for knowledge

(Curiosity, listening)

We expect our team to be open-minded, to listen and to have great curiosity. This allows us to be at the forefront and keep a motivating environment for our members. We strongly encourage knowledge sharing in order to make everyone grow, through mentoring, monitoring or any other means. We believe that it is important to give back to the community, whether through voluntary or financial actions, sharing our knowledge or giving a helping hand to our partners